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OFAI-TR-2002-30 ( 491kB PDF file)

Content-based Organization and Visualization of Music Archives

Elias Pampalk, Andreas Rauber, Dieter Merkl

With Islands of Music we present an approach which facilitates exploration of music libraries without requiring manual genre classification. Given pieces of music in raw audio format we calculate their perceived similarities based on psychoacoustic models. Subsequently, the pieces are organized on a 2-dimensional map so that similar pieces are located close to each other. A visualization using a metaphor of geographic maps provides an intuitive interface where islands resemble genres or styles of music. We demonstrate the approach using a collection of 359 popular pieces of music.

Keywords: Content-based Music Retrieval, Feature Extraction, Clustering, Self-Organizing Map, User Interface, Genre, Rhythm

Citation: Pampalk E., Rauber A., Merkl D.: Content-based Organization and Visualization of Music Archives. Technical Report, Österreichisches Forschungsinstitut für Artificial Intelligence, Wien, TR-2002-30, 2002