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OFAI-TR-2003-16 ( 102kB g-zipped PostScript file,  492kB PDF file)

Measurement and reproduction accuracy of computer-controlled grand pianos

Werner Goebl, Roberto Bresin

The recording and reproducing capabilities of a Yamaha Disklavier grand piano and a Bösendorfer SE290 computer-controlled grand piano were tested, with the goal of examining their reliability for performance research. An experimental setup consisting of accelerometers and a calibrated microphone was used to capture key and hammer movements, as well as the acoustic signal. Five selected keys were played by pianists with two types of touch (staccato and legato). Timing and dynamic differences between the original performance, the corresponding MIDI file recorded by the computer-controlled pianos, and its reproduction were analysed. The two devices performed quite differently with respect to timing and dynamic accuracy. The Disklavier's onset capturing was slightly more precise (+/12~ms) than its reproduction (from 20 to +30 ms). The Bösendorfer performed generally better, but its timing accuracy was slightly less precise for recording (9 to 3 ms) than for reproduction (+/2 ms). Both devices exhibited a systematic (linear) error in recording over time. In the dynamic dimension, the Bösendorfer showed higher consistency over the whole dynamic range, while the Disklavier performed well only in a wide middle range. Neither device was able to capture or reproduce different types of touch.

Keywords: computer-controlled piano, Disklavier, Bösendorfer SE, performance research

Citation: Goebl W., Bresin R.: Measurement and reproduction accuracy of computer-controlled grand pianos. Proceedings of the Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference, August 69, 2003 (SMAC03), Stockholm, Sweden