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OFAI-TR-2004-16 ( 112kB PDF file)

Artist Classification with Web-based Data

Peter Knees, Elias Pampalk, Gerhard Widmer

Manifold approaches exist for organization of music by genre and/or style. In this paper we propose the use of text categorization techniques to classify artists present on the Internet. In particular, we retrieve and analyze webpages ranked by search engines to describe artists in terms of word occurrences on related pages. To classify artists we primarily use support vector machines. We present 3 experiments in which we address the following issues. First, we study the performance of our approach compared to previous work. Second, we investigate how daily fluctuations in the Internet affect our approach. Third, on a set of 224 artists from 14 genres we study (a) how many artists are necessary to define the concept of a genre, (b) which search engines perform best, (c) how to formulate search queries best, (d) which overall performance we can expect for classification, and finally (e) how our approach is suited as a similarity measure for artists.

Keywords: genre classification, community metadata, cultural features

Citation: Knees P., Pampalk E., Widmer G.: Artist Classification with Web-based Data. Technical Report, Österreichisches Forschungsinstitut für Artificial Intelligence, Wien, TR-2004-16, 2004