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OFAI-TR-2004-17 ( 320kB PDF file)

Hierarchical Organization and Visualization of Drum Sample Libraries

Elias Pampalk, Peter Hlavac, Perfecto Herrera

Drum samples are an important ingredient for many styles of music. Large libraries of drum sounds are readily available. However, their value is limited by the ways in which users can explore them to retrieve sounds. The available schemes for organizations those collections are either insufficient to hold a large number of samples, rely on cumbersome manual classification, are inconsistent, and error-prone. In this paper, we present a new approach for automatically structuring and visualizing large sample libraries using only audio input. We create a hierarchical user interface for efficient exploration and retrieval which is based on a similarity measure for drum sounds and self-organizing maps.

Citation: Pampalk E., Hlavac P., Herrera P.: Hierarchical Organization and Visualization of Drum Sample Libraries. Technical Report, Österreichisches Forschungsinstitut für Artificial Intelligence, Wien, TR-2004-17, 2004