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OFAI-TR-2005-03 ( 140kB g-zipped PostScript file,  117kB PDF file)

Towards Multi-Agent Coordination in Cognitive Vision

Bernhard Jung, Paolo Petta

This paper casts a simple cognitive vision design into a multi-agent framework and therein addresses the questions how and to what extent explicit consideration of coordination may affect the design and performance of such systems. We give a description of the evolution of our implementation, show how in it tracking and reasoning emerge out of the distributed interaction between component agents, describe individual agent capabilities and the conversation policies employed, and compare its performance to the one of the original design.

Keywords: Cognitive Vision, Multi-agent Systems, Coordination, Conversation Policies

Citation: Jung B., Petta P.: Towards Multi-Agent Coordination in Cognitive Vision. In Zillich M., Vincze M. (eds.): 1st Austrian Cognitive Vision Workshop, OCG (Austrian Computer Society), Vienna, Austria, EU, books@ocg.at Band 186, 2005, pp.9-18.