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OFAI-TR-2005-10 ( 479kB PDF file)

Appraisal for a Character-based Story-World

Stefan Rank, Paolo Petta

Generation of interesting narratives in a simulated dramatic story-world requires situated software agents with emotional competences. The operationalisation of concepts from appraisal theories of emotion can provide flexible roleplayers that reduce the required external macro-level control. Situatedness and the analysis of the social lifeworld of characters are the foundations of the presented architecture that is used to generate simple cliché plots. The subjective evaluative interpretation of changes in a character’s environment and appropriate reactions provide for the causal and emotional connections that can lead to the unfolding of a story. The architecture is a contribution towards a process-oriented model of emotional phenomena.

Keywords: drama, cognitive appraisal theories of emotion, situated agent, emotion, motivation, agent architectures

Citation: Rank S., Petta P. (2005): Appraisal for a Character-based Story-World. In Panayiotopoulos T. et al. (eds.), Intelligent Virtual Agents, 5th International Working Conference, IVA 2005, Kos, Greece, September 2005, Proceedings, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp.495-496.