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OFAI-TR-2006-13 ( 241kB PDF file)

Detecting Harmonic Change in Musical Audio

Christopher Harte, Mark Sandler, Martin Gasser

We propose a novel method for detecting changes in the harmonic content of musical audio signals. Our method uses a new model for Equal Tempered Pitch Class Space. This model maps 12-bin chroma vectors to the interior space of a 6-D polytope; pitch classes are mapped onto the vertices of this polytope. Close harmonic relations such as fifths and thirds appear as small Euclidian distances. We calculate the Euclidian distance between analysis frames n + 1 and n ? 1 to develop a harmonic change measure for frame n. A peak in the detection function denotes a transition from one harmonically stable region to another. Initial experiments show that the algorithm can successfully detect harmonic changes such as chord boundaries in polyphonic audio recordings.

Keywords: Pitch Space, Harmonic, Segmentation, Music, Audio

Citation: C. Harte, M. Sandler, and M. Gasser. Detecting Harmonic Change in Musical Audio. In Proceedings of the Audio and Music Computing for Multimedia Workshop (in conjunction with ACM Multimedia 2006), October 27, 2006, Santa Barbara, Canada (to appear)