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OFAI-TR-2008-05 ( 328kB PDF file)

Game-Based Development of Collaboration Competences

Sabine Payr, Bernhard Jung, Juan Martinez-Miranda, Paolo Petta

The subject of collaboration has attracted the attention in research areas including management, organizational dynamics and education, mainly because effective collaboration dynamics are fundamental to learning, knowledge exchange, and development/innovation processes in a wide variety of contexts. Collaboration competences are emerging as key condition for productive and sustainable innovation and learning processes. The work presented in this paper is part of an international effort aimed at improving the understanding of factors inhibiting effective collaboration dynamics and at developing collaboration competences through training. An integral part of the training settings are simulation games addressing collaboration challenges at the organizational, group and interpersonal levels. This paper focuses on the design and implementation of the embodied virtual character for the interpersonal level game, its theoretical foundations and its deployment and evaluation in learning situations.

Keywords: Serious Games, Blended Learning, Soft Skills, Collaboration, Virtual Character,

Citation: Payr S., Jung B., Martinez-Miranda J., Petta P. (2008) Game-Based Development of Collaboration Competences. in: Proceedings of ED-MEDIA 2008, World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications, June 30-July 4, 2008, Vienna, Austria (EU), Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education, Chesapeake VA USA, 4554-4563.