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OFAI-TR-2011-03 ( 57kB PDF file)

Adaptive Mind Agent

Brigitte Krenn, Marcin Skowron, Gregor Sieber, Erich Gstrein, Joerg Irran

We present the Adaptive Mind Agent, an intelligent virtual agent that is able to actively participate in a real-time, dynamic environment. The agent is equipped with a collection of processing tools that form the basis of its perception from and action on the environment consisting of web documents, URLs, RRS feeds, domain-specific knowledgebases, other accessible virtual agents and the user. How these predispositions are finally shaped into unique agent behaviour depends on the agent's abilities to learn through actual interactions, in particular the abilities: (i) to memorize and evaluate episodes comprising the actions the agent had performed on its environment in the past depending on its perceptions of the user requests and its interpretation of the user's feedback reinforcing or inhibiting a certain action; (ii) to dynamically develop user-driven interest and preference profiles through memorizing and evaluating the user clicks on selected web pages.

Keywords: Virtual Agent, HCI, System Adaptation, Publications List Interact

Citation: Krenn B., Skowron M., Sieber G., Gstrein E., Irran J.: Adaptive Mind Agent. Technical Report, Österreichisches Forschungsinstitut für Artificial Intelligence, Wien, TR-2011-03, 2011