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OFAI-TR-2011-22 ( 395kB PDF file)

A Music Engine for Interactive Drama

Nicolas Szilas, Marcos Aristides, Paolo Petta

A number of Interactive Drama prototypes have been created during the last decade. These Artificial Intelligence-based systems usually aim at enabling the user to drive the story as the main character. Despite the acknowledged role of sound and music in visual narrative, almost none of these prototypes includes interactive background music. In this paper, a Music Engine for the IDtension narrative engine is proposed that is able to adapt in real-time to current user's action and narrative states. In the lineage of the branching music approach developed in some video games, the Music Engine being developed in Max/MSP uses a pre-composed graph-based score to enrich the whole interactive narrative experience. In particular, the reactivity of the Music Engine is aimed at corroborating the user’s subjective feeling of agency, and thereby at enhancing the experience of Interactive Drama system’s main components---user interface, narrative engine, and the theatre---as an integrated whole.

Keywords: Interactive Drama, Interactive Digital Storytelling, Music Engine

Citation: Nicolas Szilas, Marcos Aristides and Paolo Petta (2011) A Music Engine for Interactive Drama, in: Licinio Roque and Valter Alves (eds.) Proceedings of the 6th Audio Mostly Conference: A Conference on Interaction with Sound (AM '11), Coimbra, Portugal, ACM Press, 2011. Poster.