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OFAI-TR-2011-24 ( 139kB PDF file)

ICIDS 2011 Workshop: Sharing Interactive Digital Storytelling Technologies

Nicolas Szilas, Thomas Boggini, Paolo Petta

This workshop was organized around three types of contributions:
  • Technology providers, with contributions developed by their research labs or companies available for sharing;
  • Software integrators, with visions on how to technically organize the sharing of IDS-related components and with success and flop stories of community processes;
  • Users, with needs and intentions to use third-party IDS components and middleware within their own scientific, product, and/or artistic development efforts.
Online site: http://icids.org/sharing

Keywords: Interactive Digital Storytelling, Component technologies, Software Sharing

Citation: Szilas N., Boggini T., Petta P. (2011) ICIDS 2011 Workshop: Sharing Interactive Digital Storytelling Technologies, in: M. Si et al. (Eds.): ICIDS 2011, LNCS 7069, Springer, Berlin / Heidelberg, pp. 366-367.
doi: 10.1007/978-3-642-25289-1_52.