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OFAI-TR-2012-02 ( 337kB PDF file)

Creativity in Configuring Affective Agents for Interactive Storytelling

Stefan Rank, Steve Hoffmann, Hans-Georg Struck, Ulrike Spierling, Paolo Petta

Affective agent architectures can be used as control components in Interactive Storytelling systems for artificial autonomous characters. Creative authoring for such systems then involves configuration of these agents that translate part of the creative process to the system’s runtime, necessarily constrained by the capabilities of the specific implementation. Using a framework for presenting configuration options based on literature review; a questionnaire evaluation of authors’ preferences for character creation; and a case study of an author’s conceptualisation of the creative process, we categorise available and potential methods for configuring affective agents in existing systems regarding creative exploration. Finally, we present work-in-progress on exemplifying the different options in the ActAffAct system.

Keywords: Creativity, Authoring, Interactive Storytelling, Affective Characters

Citation: Rank S., Hoffmann S., Struck H., Spierling U., Petta P. (2012) Creativity in Configuring Affective Agents for Interactive Storytelling. Technical Report, Österreichisches Forschungsinstitut für Artificial Intelligence, Wien, TR-2012-02; to appear in: Proceedings, International Conference on Computational Creativity, May 30-June 1, University College Dublin, Dublin Ireland, 2012, to appear.