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OFAI-TR-2012-12 ( 1110kB PDF file)

Entropy-growth-based model of emotionally charged online dialogues

Julian Sienkiewicz, Marcin Skowron, Georgios Paltoglou, Janusz Holyst

We analyze emotionally annotated massive data from IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and model the dialogues between its participants by assuming that the driving force for the discussion is the entropy growth of emotional probability distribution. This process is claimed to be correlated to the emergence of the power-law distribution of the discussion lengths observed in the dialogues. We perform numerical simulations based on the noticed phenomenon obtaining a good agreement with the real data. Finally, we propose a method to artificially prolong the duration of the discussion that relies on the entropy of emotional probability distribution.

Keywords: Publications List Interact, Computation and Language, Social and Information Networks, Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability, Physics and Society

Citation: Sienkiewicz J., Skowron M., Paltoglou G., Holyst J.: Entropy-growth-based model of emotionally charged online dialogues. Technical Report, Österreichisches Forschungsinstitut für Artificial Intelligence, Wien, TR-2012-12,