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OFAI-TR-2013-05 ( 409kB PDF file)

Phenomena in conveying information during oral task descriptions

Stephanie Schreitter, Brigitte Krenn

A robot has to deal with a broad variety of information conveyed via verbal and non-verbal channels to be able to observe and listen to a task presented by a human teacher. We have collected a small corpus of human-human dyads to investigate how information is presented through verbal and/or visual channels. Apart from the characteristics of spoken language, the qualitative analysis of the data shows: (i) broad variation in wording regarding objects and actions, as well as omissions of lexical referents, (ii) patterns of use of verbal references and/or communicative gestures for directing the attention of the learner, (iii) a temporal structuring of the task by verbal means for all teachers, and (iv) the use of generic "you" for most of the teachers.

Citation: Schreitter S., Krenn B.: Phenomena in conveying information during oral task descriptions, Workshop on Embodied Communication of Goals and Intentions collocated with ICSR 2013, Bistol, United Kingdom, October, 2013.