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OFAI-TR-2014-11 ( 368kB PDF file)

Authoring vs. Configuring Affective Agents for Interactive Storytelling

Stefan Rank, Steve Hoffmann, Hans-Georg Struck, Ulrike Spierling, Simon Mayr, Paolo Petta

Autonomous characters in interactive storytelling can be supported by using affective agent architectures. The configuration of most current tools for controlling agents is however implementation-specific and not tailored to the needs of authors. Based on literature review; a questionnaire evaluation of authors' preferences for character creation; and a case study of an author's conceptualization of this process, we investigate the different methods of configuration available in current agent architectures, reviewing discrepancies and matches. Given these relations, promising approaches to configuration are identified, based on: Initial inner states; `global' parameters of characters; libraries of stock characters; and selections of backstory experiences.

Keywords: Affective Characters, Interactive Storytelling, Authoring

Citation: Rank S., Hoffmann S., Struck H.-G., Spierling U., Mayr S., Petta P.: Authoring vs. Configuring Affective Agents for Interactive Storytelling, Applied Artificial Intelligence, 28(6):629-645, 2014.