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OFAI-TR-90-09 ( 66kB g-zipped PostScript file)

Integration of Extended Unification into a Prolog Interpreter

Christian Holzbaur

This paper reports on the practical experiences collected during the implementation of constraint logic programming techniques via metaterms and extended unification. During the actual implementation of extended unification in a concrete PROLOG implementation some minor refinements to a specification proposed earlier (Holzbaur 1990) had to be taken care of. Further, a convention related to the interpretation of the meaning of metaterms has been moved into the specification. This paper is also thought as a supplement to the C-Prolog manual, describing the additional predicates and conventions for the implementation of extended unification.

Citation: Holzbaur C.: Integration of Extended Unification into a Prolog Interpreter, Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Vienna, TR-90-09, 1990.