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OFAI-TR-92-03 ( 34kB g-zipped PostScript file)

CLP(gRel): Explicit Manipulation of (ground) Relational Dependencies in Logic Programming

Bernhard Pfahringer

In this paper we introduce CLP(gRel), a kind of CLP language allowing for explicit manipulation of relational dependencies between variables. It is a straight-forward generalization of domain variables, a successful constraint propagation technique introduced by Van Hentenryck (1989). Domain variables are the special case of arity one. Unification is extended to handle variables ranging over relations correctly (and efficiently). Constraints expressed by variables ranging over relations can be used to actively prune the search space by detecting combinations of values that are bound to fail early (cf forward checking (Van Hentenryck, 1989)). The benefit of relations is demonstrated in the context of a non-toy problem: diagnostic usage of the KARDIO system, a qualitative simulation model of the electrical activity of the heart, is sped up considerably.

Keywords: , Automated Reasoning, Constraint Logic Programming

Citation: Pfahringer B.: CLP(gRel): Explicit Manipulation of (ground) Relational Dependencies in Logic Programming, Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Vienna, TR-92-03, 1992.