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OFAI-TR-92-27 ( 47kB g-zipped PostScript file)

Attributed Equivalence Classes in Prolog Implementations of CLP Languages

Christian Holzbaur

We introduce attributed equivalence classes as an explicit abstract data type for the representation and manipulation of general equation systems where the decision algorithm is based on quantifier elimination. The partition of quantifiers into equivalence classes results very naturally from a simple abstraction that separates the equation solving process in the object domain from global manipulation of equation systems. We propose and report on an implementation of a linear complexity equivalence relation maintenance algorithm within the framework of logic programming, based on extensible unification. The explicit representation of global aspects of equation systems leads to an object oriented approach to equation solving.

Citation: Holzbaur C.: Attributed Equivalence Classes in Prolog Implementations of CLP Languages, Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Vienna, TR-92-27, 1992.