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OFAI-TR-93-19 ( 36kB g-zipped PostScript file)

Interval Arithmetic with CLPR

Igor Mozetic, Christian Holzbaur

We describe two extensions of CLPR, motivated by an application to model-based diagnosis of active analog filters. The first extension addresses the problem of rounding errors in CLPR. We represent Reals with floating-point intervals which are computed by outward rounding. The second extension increases the expressiveness of linear CLPR. Constants in linear expressions can now be intervals, which enables reasoning with imprecise model parameters (tolerances). Bounds (sup and inf) for individual variables are computed by the linear optimization via modified Simplex. Both extensions are implemented in a CLP shell --- an adaptation of SICStus Prolog, which allows for easy and fast developments and modifications of CLP languages.

Citation: Mozetic I., Holzbaur C.: Interval Arithmetic with CLPR, Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Vienna, TR-93-19, 1993.