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Formal Neural Network Specification and its Implications on Standardization

Georg Dorffner, Herbert Wiklicky, Erich Prem

This paper introduces a formal framework for describing and specifying neural networks and discusses several important issues with implications for neural network standardization. In particular, a neural network definition and two tools for graphical description and formal specification are introduced. Issues such as the theoretical impossibility of canonical description, or the need for complete specification (including global algorithms) are discussed. Several examples, making use of the developed tools, illustrate these discussions. In sumamry, this paper aims at contributing to the important endeavour of neural network standardization both practically and theoretically.

Citation: Dorffner G., Wiklicky H., Prem E.: Formal Neural Network Specification and its Implications on Standardization, in: Computer Standards and Interfaces, special issue on Artificial Neural Network Standards, 1994.