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Morphology with a Null-Interface

Harald Trost, Johannes Matiasek

We present an integrated architecture for word-level and sentence-level processing in a unification-based paradigm. The system is built upon a unification engine implemented in a CLP language supporting types and definite relations as part of feature descriptions. In this framework an HPSG-style grammar is implemented. Word-level processing uses X2MorF a morphological component based on an extended version of two-level morphology. This component is tightly integrated with the grammar as a specialized relation. This architecture has computational as well as linguistic advantages. Integrating morphology and morphophonology directly into the grammar is in the spirit of HPSG which views grammar as a relation between the phonological (or graphemic) form of an utterance and its syntactic/semantic representation. This way also the treatment of phenomena transcending the boundary between morphology and syntax is made possible. On the implementation side, the practical problems of interfacing two inherently different modules are eliminated. For applications this means that using a morphological component is made easy. Nevertheless, this tight integration still leaves morphology and syntax/semantics as autonomous components, enabling direct use of existing data sets describing morphophonology in terms of the two-level paradigm.

Citation: Trost H., Matiasek J.: Morphology with a Null-Interface, Proc. COLING-94