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OFAI-TR-95-34 ( 136kB g-zipped PostScript file)

Retrieval as Exploration of Large Multimedia Document Bases

Marcus Herzog, Paolo Petta, Christian Kühn

We propose an approach to information retrieval from multimedia databases based on the interpretation of the retrieval task as query by refinement using an explorative design process as guiding metaphor. The combined use of an intensional Index Layer and an extensional Information Layer allows for a flexible incremental structuring of the semantic space according to the requirements of the task at hand. In addition, the system provides a number of operations to assist the user in the exploration of the solution space. Possible contributions of various techniques from the areas of description logics and inductive logic programming are discussed.

Citation: Herzog M., Petta P., Kühn C.: Retrieval as Exploration of Large Multimedia Document Bases, Presented at the IJCAI-95 Workshop on Intelligent Multimedia Information Retrieval