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The world according to a humanoid robot

Erich Prem

The new field of embodied Artificial Intelligence deals with the construction of robotic systems that exhibit high interaction dynamics with the world and intelligent behavior. The construction of humanoid robots is particularly challenging and poses many foundational and methodological questions. Two such questions are "What does the world look like for a human-like artificial systems?" and "Why should we care?". It is argued that the study of autonomous intelligent systems must be based on a new understanding of the relation between the cognizer and its environment. We describe building blocks of such an approach to the construction of humanoid systems.

Keywords: Embodied AI, Humanoid Robot, Epistemology, Ontology

Citation: Prem E.: The world according to a humanoid robot, Proc. of the Workshop on Teleoperation and Robotics, June 1997, Linz, Austria, Schriftenreihe der OCG, Austrian Computer Society, 1997.