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Towards a Tractable Appraisal-Based Architecture for Situated Cognizers

Alexander Staller, Paolo Petta

This paper introduces Tabasco (the name Tabasco is derived from the project's name "A Tractable Appraisal-Based Architecture for Situated Cognizers") an architecture for software agents aimed at integrating results from functional theories in emotion research and insights on the impact of the capacities and limitations of perception in a framework orientated along the situated "New AI"/ALife approach. This expository paper first briefly summarizes current views on the nature and function of emotion and then discusses related current appraisal theories in more detail. A survey of existing approaches to emotion synthesis is followed by a first outline of the Tabasco architecture, relating it to the areas of research in psychology, ALife and agent architectures.

Keywords: Situated Agents, Appraisal Theory (Psychology), Emotions, Affective Computing, Action Selection, Agent Architectures, Adaptive Systems

Citation: Staller A., Petta P.: Towards a Tractable Appraisal-Based Architecture for Situated Cognizers, Canamero D., et al.(eds.), Grounding Emotions in Adaptive Systems, Workshop Notes, Fifth International Conference of the Society for Adaptive Behaviour (SAB98), Zurich, Switzerland, August 21, 1998.