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OFAI-TR-99-03 ( 148kB g-zipped PostScript file,  1113kB PDF file)

Monitoring human information processing via intelligent data analysis of EEG recordings

Arthur Flexer, Herbert Bauer

Human information processing can be monitored by analysing cognitive evoked potentials (EP) measurable in the electro encephalogram (EEG) during cognitive activities. In technical terms, both visualization of high dimensional sequential data and unsupervised discovery of patterns within this multivariate set of real valued time series is needed. Our approach towards visualization is to discretize the sequences via vector quantization and to perform a Sammon mapping of the codebook. Instead of having to conduct a time-consuming search for common subsequences in the set of multivariate sequential data, a multiple sequence alignment procedure can be applied to the set of one-dimensional discrete time series. The methods are described in detail and results obtained for spatial and verbal information processing are shown to be statistically valid, to yield an improvement in terms of noise attenuation and to be well in line with psychophysiological literature.

Keywords: Data Analysis, EEG, Vector Quantization, Sequence Alignment, Visualization, Cognition

Citation: Flexer A., Bauer H.: Monitoring human information processing via intelligent data analysis of EEG recordings, in Hand D.J., et al.(eds.), Advances in Intelligent Data Analysis, Third International Symposium, IDA-99, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Proceedings, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1642, Springer, p.137-148, 1999.