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Principled Generation of Expressive Behavior in an Interactive Exhibit

Paolo Petta

The present work was carried out in the context of the development of an immersive interactive virtual environment in which a single human user and a synthetic actor (``The Invisible Person'') engage in an improvisational interaction between equally entitled peers. The limitations of this scenario with respect to the number of parties involved and the synthetic actor's perceptual and communicative capabilities allow to experiment with the modeling of expressive behavior, a noted deficiency of early synthetic actor agents that has been recently topicalized as the ``action expression'' problem. We relate results from research in software architectures for embodied agents and the appraisal theory theory of emotions and investigate their suitability as a principled basis for behavior expression generation. We describe the implementation in the agent architecture employed in the present system, and relate the results to our ongoing work in the framework of the Tabasco architecture for emotions.

Keywords: Affective Computing, Expressive Behaviour, Action Expression, Emotions, Synthetic Characters

Citation: Petta P.: Principled Generation of Expressive Behavior in an Interactive Exhibit, in Velasquez J.D.(ed.), Workshop Notes: "Emotion-Based Agent Architectures" (EBAA'99), May 1, 1999, 3rd Int'l Conf. on Autonomous Agents (Agents'99), Seattle, WA, USA, pp.94-98, 1999.