Prof. Dr. Robert Trappl

Director, Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Current Artificial Intelligence Research in Austria and its International Relevance: 152 Projects in 30 Minutes

The speaker introduces the results of a just-finished survey about artificial intelligence research in Austria. This survey comprises 152 projects involving 256 persons in 43 institutions. Up to now, 1329 Austrian publications in the area of artificial intelligence were registered, more than half of which are physically accessible. The report is the third of a biennial survey started in 1990. It shows a rapid increase of AI research and development, with respect to the number of projects, persons, institutions, as well as scientific publications. Artificial intelligence research has successfully found its way into practical applications. It is remarkable that 40 % of all AI research in Austria is being conducted in five larger research institutions. Since two pairs of institutions are lead by one scientist in personal union, respectively, three scientists have a decisive influence on the choice of research direction (the largest of which is held by the speaker). Another especially remarkable aspect is the strong increase in cooperation with institutions and industry abroad - certainly an indicator for the international reputation of Austrian AI research.