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Computer Models of "The Mind" (SS2018)

VO 501.041 (1SSt/2 ECTS), SE 501.045 (2SSt/3 ECTS)
Paolo Petta

compmind2018 (AT(

Wednesdays 14-16, Seminar room, AID, MUW
Attention: changed street address!

ground floor, Währinger Straße 25a, A 1090

Start: Wednesday, March 7, 2018


The lecture (Vorlesung, VO) and seminar (SE) on Computer Models of "The Mind" provide an introduction to the domain of computational cognitive modeling.

Lecture (VO)

Topics addressed include: the notion of "mind" in scientific disciplines; approaches to mentalizing (theory of mind); best practice in scientific modeling, cognitive modeling, and computational cognitive modeling; typologies of computational cognitive models; cognitive architectures and cognitive systems; and main paradigms of cognitive modeling.

Each topic is introduced and motivated in terms of specific questions, challenges, and needs in cognitive science research; presented using specific and seminal examples; and assessed in a critical discussion identifying successes, failures, and open issues, as well as the impact on other areas of cognitive science.

Seminar (SE)

The seminar (SE) offers a highly recommended opportunity to reflect on and "safely exercise" the conceptual information presented in the lecture (VO).

Seminar topics are identified collaboratively, so as to best match individual competences and interests.

Organisational matters

compmind2018 (AT(
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