Cyberemotions Logo CYBEREMOTIONS is a European IP (Large Scale Integrating Project) which focuses on the role of collective emotions in creating, forming and breaking-up e-communities. Understanding these phenomena is important in view of the growing role of ICT-mediated social interactions and some specific features of e-communities. The challenge of this interdisciplinary project is to combine psychological models of emotional interactions and algorithmic methods for detection and classification of human emotions in the Internet with probabilistic models of complex systems and data driven simulations based on heterogeneous emotionally-reacting agents. The CYBEREMOTIONS consortium involves nine partners in six different countries in Europe, including experts in the psychology of emotions, complexity, web data collection, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

In the CYBEREMOTIONS project, OFAI mainly contributes to the workpackages:

  • WP3 - Methods for identification of collective emotions in e-communities
  • WP4 - Interactive tools for the acquisition and influence of affective states in e-communities
  • WP5 - Sociophysics and agent-based models of emotion dynamics in cyberspace

OFAI's groups contributing to CYBEREMOTIONS are the Intelligent Software Agents and New Media group and the Interaction Technologies/Language Technology groups.

Visit the CYBEREMOTIONS project website for further information.

  • Project start: February 2009
  • Planned duration: 4 years
  • Funding: EU FP7 FET (IST FP7 231323)