Sera Logo SERA (Social Engagement with Robots and Agents) is a European Collaborative Project which aims to advance science in the field of social acceptability of verbally interactive robots and agents, with a view to their applications especially in assistive technologies (companions, virtual butlers). The SERA consortium involves four partners in four different countries in Europe.

In the SERA project, OFAI's Sabine Payr fulfills the role of coordinator. Research in SERA is organised along the following Workpackages:

  • WP1 - Theory and data analysis
  • WP2 - Field studies
  • WP3 - Architecture for social engagement
  • WP4 - Developing a portable showcase

OFAI's contributions to SERA are provided by the Intelligent Software Agents and New Media group.

Visit the SERA project website for further information.

  • Project start: January 2009
  • Planned duration: 2 years
  • Funding: EU (IST FP7 231868)