Artificial Intelligence Methods for eBusiness

Project Leader:
Robert Trappl

Senior Researchers:
Georg Dorffner
Johannes Matiasek
Brigitte Krenn
Sabine Payr
Harald Trost
Gerhard Widmer

Brian Sallans
Markus Schedl
Michael Schönhart

Project Description:
This project aims at obtaining an overview about the potential of AI for eBusiness, studied in four sub-projects, plus the development of small-scale, prototypical applications in each of these areas.

The sub-projects:
1. AI tools to support online human resources management
2. Agent-based computational economics as a tool for the evaluation of eBusiness platforms
3. AI for for digital music distribution
4. AI in eLearning

The results of this project should aid both the Austrian economy and the Federal Ministry for Economy and Labour in identifying areas in which research, development and applications could increase Austria's international competitiveness.

Austrian Federal Ministry for Economy and Labour (2003 - 2004)