"Biological Text Mining (BioMint)" - EU Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources Project Nr. QLRI-CT-2002-02770

The main aim of this project is the development of a generic text mining tool for the biological domain. The BioMint tool will search the literature and automatically extract information from abstracts and papers in order to provide two essential research support services: (1) Curator's assistant: accelerate, by partially automating, the annotation and update of bio-databases; and (2) Researcher's assitant: generate readable reports in response to queries from biological researchers and practitioners.


  • ÖFAI, the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Austria (restricted area)
  • UNIGE, University of Geneva, Switzerland (project page)
  • UMAN, The University of Manchester, School of Biological Sciences, United Kingdom (project page)
  • PharmaDM, Belgium
  • SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Switzerland (project page)
  • UIA Universiteit Antwerpen/Universtaire Instelling Antwerpen, Belgium