LS-GRAM: Large-Scale Grammar Development

The aim of this project was the development of core grammars of considerable size for the languages of the EU. These grammars were implemented in the ALEP formalism.

OFAI joined the consortium only in the later stages as a subcontractor. Its role was to implement an experimental version of a German morphology component with a limited capability to deal with derivation. Since the morphological component of ALEP is modeled after X2Morf, OFAI's strong experience in this field could be directly employed.

Duration: 4 months, 1996
Sponsor: European Commission (Linguistic Research and Engineering Sector of the Telematics Application Programme)
Researchers: Johannes Matiasek
Partners: IAI (Saarbrücken), University of Essex, UPF (Barcelona), IMS (Stuttgart), ILSPS (Greece)