TAMIC-P: Transparent Access to Multiple Information for the Citizens - Pensions

The aim of the TAMIC-P project was to improve the access to pension-related data for office clerks to provide a better service for the citizen. Previously, person-specific relevant data were stored in a number of databases which had to be accessed separately. Additionally, information on laws and regulations was available on paper and on-line.

In TAMIC-P an application demonstrator was implemented that allows uniform access to all relevant data via natural language. At the heart of the system is a module that allows access to heterogeneous databases. The user interacts with the system via archives of "electronic cards" that can be retrieved either by their "name" or via links from other cards and a hierarchy of pension terms. Additionally, on-line information on relevant regulatory and legal texts is provided.

The consortium comprised partners from Austria, France, Germany and Italy and is centered around the Italian user Instituto Nationale per la Providenza Sociale (INPS) and the Austrian user Sozialversicherung der Bauern (SVB). Accordingly, prototypes were developed for Italian and German. ÖFAI cooperated with SVB and the DFKI to implement the German version of TAMIC-P.

Duration: 24 months, 1997 - 1998
Sponsor: European Commission (Language Engineering Sector of the Telematics Application Programme)
Researchers: Harald Trost, Christian Holzbaur, Alexandra Klein, Johannes Matiasek
Partners: INPS (Rome), Quinary (Milan), IRST (Trento), SVB (Vienna), AIPA (Rome), DFKI (Saarbrücken), CAP Gemini (Paris), ILC (Pisa)