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SentiStrength_DE Version: v5 (Oct.2011)

Thank you for your interest in SentiStrength_DE.

SentiStrength_DE is a collection of German lexicon files to be used for sentiment classification with SentiStrength from the University of Wolverhampton.
SentiStrength_DE has been created at the Interaction Technologies Group of the Austrian Research Institute for AI (OFAI), Vienna by Hannes Pirker.

This is work was performed within the FP7 EU-ICT Project Cyberemotions.

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SentiStrength_DE is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License (CC BY-NC-SA):
This licence allowes you to use the data free of charge for non-commercial purposes. You may modify and redistribute the data as long as you keep the attribution to the original in all the files, and publish your work under the same licencse.

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