Action Verb Corpus Download Files

  • Readme
  • Picture: Experimental setup and coordinate system. (Note, the origin of the coordinate system for the positions in the Hands and Objects files is on the table infront of the instructor.)
  • Objects Files: AVC_Objects.zip
  • Hands Files: AVC_Hands.zip
  • Hands and objects merged in one file: AVC_merged.zip
  • Videos from the leap motion showing the hand movements and objects: AVC_video_libm.zip
  • Animations of the merged hand and object trackings: AVC_video_schematic.zip
  • Elan files: AVC_eaf.zip
  • Csv files exported from Elan: AVC_csv.zip
  • Reference paper: Stephanie Gross, Matthias Hirschmanner, Brigitte Krenn, Friedrich Neubarth, Michael Zillich: Action Verb Corpus. LREC 2018.