Datenbank-DIALOG is a German language interface to relational databases. It has been developed together with an Austrian software company and was sponsored by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research in the framework of the "Mikroelektronikförderungsprogramm der Österreichischen Bundesregierung".

The system allows for relatively free (typed) input in German, and the query is translated into SQL and executed by the database management system. Special care was given to robustness and portability. Datenbank-DIALOG comes with a spelling corrector and an adaptable recognizer for formatted data. It has been ported to a number of different hardware and software platforms as well as to different domains.

Duration: 1985 - 1988
Sponsor: Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research
Researchers: Ernst Buchberger, Wolfgang Heinz, Johannes Matiasek, Harald Trost
Partners: Software Management GmbH (Vienna)