EUROMAP: European Opportunity Mapping

EUROMAP was a European initiative designed to conduct a current situation analysis of national and EU-wide Language Engineering (LE) activity and marketplace requirements and to make recommendations (based on the analysis of information gathered) regarding the focus and direction of future LE efforts and investments.

Based on the findings of the first phase, the second phase (EUROMAP II) was devoted to strengthen contacts between the constituencies, to form a European-wide network for LE-issues, and to intensify information dissemination at EU and national level.

Duration: Phase I: 18 months, Oct 1996 - Mar 1998
Phase II: 15 months, Apr 1998 - Jun 1999
Phase III ("HOPE"): 24 months, Feb 2000 - Jan 2002
Sponsor: European Commission (Language Engineering Sector of the Telematics Application Programme)
Researchers: Ernst Buchberger, Wolfgang Fürnkranz
Partners: BIT (Wien) and National Focal Points from all EU member states.