GIST: Generating InStructional Text

GIST aimed at the multilingual generation of instructional texts, in particular forms. The project was sponsored within the Linguistic Research and Engineering (LRE) Sector of the Telematics Application Programme of the European Commission, the Austrian contribution was nationally sponsored. OFAI's main responsibility in this project was the development of the German tactical generator. For this aim we adapted the FUF generator by replacing the original morphological component with a version of X2MorF to enable it to cope with the rich inflectional morphology of German and by providing it with an HPSG-inspired grammar of German. We also contributed to the development of a text structuring component and the user interface.

Duration: 33 months, 1993 - 1996
Sponsor: Forschungsförderungfonds für die Gewerbliche Wirtschaft (FFF)
Researchers: Harald Trost, Liz Garner, Johannes Matiasek, Ernst Buchberger
Partners: IRST (Trento), ITRI (Brighton), Quinary (Milan), UCM (Madrid)