Past Projects

  • SENSATION: Advanced sensor development for attention, stress, vigilance and sleep/wakefulness monitoring (EC IST FP6)
  • MACS: Multi-sensory Autonomous Cognitive Systems Interacting with Dynamic Environments for Perceiving and Using Affordances (EC IST Cognitive Systems)
  • MindRaces: From Reactive to Anticipatory Cognitive Embodied Systems (EC IST Cognitive Systems)
  • MONOTONE: Automatic Quality Control fpr Industrial Printing (EC-GROWTH)
  • SIGNAL: Systemic Intelligence for Growing up Artefacts that LIVE (EC-IST-FET)
  • Adaptive Models in Economics and Management Science: Computational --> href="http://prodman.wu-wien.ac.at/am/ini1.htm">Computational Intelligence
  • Improving analysis of brain electric potentials to enable monitoring of temporally extended cognition
  • nEUroNet, Network of Excellence
  • SIESTA: development of a new standard for polysomnographic sleep analysis (Biomed-2)
  • RADAR: High performance rainfall Radar image processing (Esprit-IV)
  • NEUFODI (Neural Networks for Forecasting and Diagnosis Applications) (Esprit-II)
  • Enhancement of EEG-Based Diagnosis of Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders by Artificial Neural Networks (Biomed 1)
  • Statistical tools and knowledge transfer for ECANSE