Workshop on Computational Approaches to Collocations
Vienna, Austria

Programme & Proceedings

Mo 22. July 2002

Welcome (Brigitte Krenn, Ulrich Heid)

STS1 -- Association Measures .pdf (Stefan Evert, 60 min)

STS1 -- Significance Testing .pdf (Stefan Evert, 60 min)

Paper presentation -- Quasthoff, Wolff: The Poisson Collocation Measure and its Applications .pdf (20 min talk)

Discussion: mathematics of AMs, significance testing, questions related to the paper presentation (50 min)

STS2 -- Preparing Candidate Data .pdf (Brigitte Krenn, 60 min)

work-in-progress section: Evert, Kermes: The influence of linguistic preprocessing on candidate data. .pdf (20 min)

work-in-progress section: Huemmer, Geyken, Finkbeiner, Fellbaum: On the relation between syntactic form and
statistical association measure. .pdf (20 min presentation)

Discussion: the influence of candidate data on the collocation identification results (40 min)

Di 23. July 2002

STS4 -- Collocations and Lexicography .ps (Ulrich Heid, 60 min)

Paper presentation: Smets, Pentheroudakis, Menezes: Translation of verbal idioms. .pdf (20 min + 5 min discussion)

Paper presentation: Kummer, Wagner: Phrase processing for detecting collocations with KoKS. .pdf (20 min + 5 min discussion)

Discussion: colloc and lexicography; colloc, lexicography and MT (40 min)

STS3 - Productivity of collocations .pdf (Anke Luedeling, 60 min)

Paper presentation: Zinsmeister, Heid: Collocations of complex words: Implications for the acquisition with a stochastic grammar. .pdf (20 min + 5 min)

Paper presentation: Krovetz: Why is an operating system like a washing machine? The representation and processing of lexical phrases. The paper will be made available soon. (20 min + 5 min)

work-in-progress session: Baroni, Matiasek, Trost: Using textual association measures and minimum edit distance to discover morphological relations. .pdf (20 min)

Discussion: productivity of collocations (40 min)

STS5 -- Collocations and information management .pdf (Gregor Erbach, 60min)

Discussion: collocations and information management, and related applications (20 min)