We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned by the recent political developments in Austria. The participation in government of a party that is not only dominated by demagogic populism but also by open xenophobic ideology and at times fascist rhetoric, is alarming.

The new coalition government has urged its critics to judge it by its work; any such 'work' however only serves in legitimizing such an ideology, incorporating it into the realm of 'acceptable' electable political systems and setting a paradigm for other would-be extreme-right government contenders.

We believe that the most effective means by which such a problem can be confronted is to be found in the domain of information and education. As members of an academic institution we are committed to critically observing social developments and to actively promoting democratic values, human rights and the abolition of national, religious and cultural prejudices.

Ass.-Prof.Dr.Ernst Buchberger
Dr.Emilios Cambouropoulos
ao.Univ.Prof.Dr.Georg Dorffner
Mag.Dr.Arthur Flexer
Dipl.-Ing.Dr.Johannes Fürnkranz, MSc
Mag.Werner Goebl
Univ.-Ass.Dr.Christian Holzbaur
ao.Univ.Prof.Dr.Werner Horn
Alexandra Klein, M.A.
Dipl.-Ing.Dr.Johannes Matiasek
Mag.Friedrich Neubarth
Dipl.-Ing.Johann Petrak
Dipl.-Ing.Dr.Paolo Petta
Mag.Hannes Pirker
Mag.Elisabeth Rieder
Dipl.-Inform.Alexander Staller
Dipl.-Ing.Peter Sykacek
ao.Univ.Prof.Dr.Harald Trost
ao.Univ.Prof.Dr.Gerhard Widmer

Vienna, April 5, 2000

Mag.Estela Puig-Waldmüller (signature added on 18/2/2002)