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Autonomous Agents: from Concepts to Implementation

F. Chantemargue, O. Krone, M. Schumacher, T. Dagaeff, B. Hirsbrunner Computer Science Department, PAI group, University of Fribourg P'erolles 3, CH-1700 Fribourg, Switzerland http://www-iiuf.unifr.ch/pai


A model for autonomy-based multi-agent systems aimed at exhibiting emerging properties is proposed. Then, the prerequisites for a distributed implementation are discussed. A preliminary distributed implementation, illustrated by an application to a robotics simulation, is consequently sketched with a strong emphasis on STL, our coordination model, whose aim is to provide powerful coordination mechanisms that do not alter the model's conceptual prescriptions.

Chantemargue Fabrice
Thu Mar 12 11:42:01 MET 1998