Book chapter on interactive wordplay translation

"Human–computer interaction in pun translation", a chapter co-authored by Tristan Miller, has been published as Open Access in the edited volume Using Technologies for Creative-Text Translation.

The chapter presents PunCAT, an interactive electronic tool for the translation of puns. Following the strategies known to be applied in pun translation, PunCAT automatically translates each sense of the pun separately; it then allows the user to explore the semantic fields of these translations in order to help construct a plausible target-language solution that maximizes the semantic correspondence to the original.

The chapter and research are joint work with Prof. Waltraud Kolb of the University of Vienna's Centre for Translation Studies. Using Technologies for Creative-Text Translation is edited by James Hadley, Kristiina Taivalkoski-Shilov, Carlos S. C. Teixeira, and Antonio Toral, and is published by Routledge.