Examining the sources of visual humour

A computer-assisted study on the role of scale distortions in visual humour has been published in the European Journal of Humour Studies.

The article, "On the Use of Scale Distortion for Visual Humour: A Preliminary Analysis", examines human ratings of humour in a data set of cartoons where the size of various objects has been distorted. The analysis reveals that scenes with distorted objects are perceived to be significantly funnier than the original images.

The article is co-authored by Clara Swaboda, formerly of the University of Vienna, and OFAI associate researcher Tristan Miller.

A cartoon scene showing a picnic in a wooded area.  A red and white chequered blanket is spread on the ground.  Behind it stand a girl and a woman holding a picnic basket.  To the side is a an holding a fire extinguisher.
One of the scale-distorted cartoon images used in the study.