Human-Machine Interaction Network on Emotion

HUMAINE (Human-Machine Interaction Network on Emotion) is a European Network of Excellence which aims to lay the foundations for European development of systems that can register, model and/or influence human emotional and emotion-related states and processes - 'emotion-oriented systems'. HUMAINE brings together leading experts from the key disciplines in a programme designed to achieve integration of a number fo disciplines relevant for modelling and developing emotion-oriented systems. It identifies six thematic areas that cut across traditional groupings and offer a framework for an appropriate division of labour - theory of emotion; signal/sign interfaces; the structure of emotionally coloured interactions; emotion in cognition and action; emotion in communication and persuasion; and usability of emotion-oriented systems.

In HUMAINE's Joint Programme of Activities, OFAI participates in the workpackages:

  • WP3 - Theory and Models
  • WP6 - Emotion in Interaction
  • WP7 - Emotion in Cognition and Action
  • WP9 - Usability
  • WP10 - Ethics and good practice
  • WP11 - Handbook

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