Creative Histories
The Josefsplatz Experience

The goal of the project is to reconstruct a complex 3D model of an urban environment, in particular the Viennese Josefsplatz, from historical pictures and paintings and present this 4D information space (3D geometry over time) on PCs and mobile devices. Moreover, a user adaptive meta-information system enables the visualisation of complex, interlinked historic events. A special focus is set on the different qualities of historical information. In the project, OFAI concentrates on the realization of the meta-information system.

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  • Krenn, B., Sieber, G., Petschar, H. (2006). [Metadata Generation for Cultural Heritage: Creative Histories - The Josefsplatz Experience]. ( In Proceedings of EVA 2006.


Screenshot from the Josefsplatz Experience

A screenshot from the developed Josefsplatz Environment on a PC.

Screenshot from the Prunksaal tour environment

Screenshot of the Prunksaal tour environment

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