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Title: On the Evaluation of Perceptual Similarity Measures for Music
Authors: Elias Pampalk, Simon Dixon, and Gerhard Widmer
Presented at: International Conference on Digital Audio Effects (DAFx-03), London, UK, 8-11 September, 2003.

Linked files
Psychoacoustic preprocessing: around_2.wav (11kHz mono 10sec sequence from Around the World by Daft Punk)
Small scale evaluation demo: AP-LS

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5 Measures
Preprocessing Illustration
11kHz mono 10sec sequence from Around the World by Daft Punk Logan and Salomon
Aucouturier and Pachet
Spectrum Histogram
Periodicity Histogram
Fluctuation Pattern
Music Representation
Large Scale Evaluation

Evaluation Results
Results: Performance
Results: Tones
Results: Groups
Results: Measures
Results: Comparison
Small Scale Evaluation
Small Scale Demo