GATE Jetty Server plugin V0.01 (2008-05-21)

This plugin was created as part of the SEMPRE project.

This is a GATE plugin that makes it easy to start a Jetty server within GATE that accepts documents from a HTTP client, processes the document in a GATE pipeline and sends the processed document back to the client.


Current version: 2008-05-21

You can download the plugin as

INSTALLATION: the distribution contains a precompiled version compiled with Sun JDK 1.6.0_04 under Linux. This should work with other OS or Java versions, but if not, the package can be recompiled in the standard way with a simple ant command.

Simply unpack the archive, then within GATE go to File->Manage Creole Plugins, press the "Add new CREOLE repository" button and select the directory you have just created.

After the plugin has been loaded this way, you should find the new language resource "OFAIServer" in the "New" menu for language resources. You have to specify the pipeline (as a saved GATE application file) to run for documents and the port to be used for accepting HTTP requests (default is 8090) when creating the resource.


This software is provided as is without any warranties, guarantees etc. whatsoever. However the author is happy to receive feedback, bug reports etc and will try to answer as soon as possible. Send email to johann[DOT]petrak(AT)ofai[DOT]at.


As an extension of the original GATE code, this is made available under the GNU General Publice License