OFAI Transducer

This is a modification of the Montreal Transducer plugin that corrects a few bugs and adds the @string and @length "virtual" features. The @string feature can also be used on the RHS of a rule.


You can download the plugin as

INSTALLATION: the distribution contains a precompiled version compiled with Sun JDK 1.6.0_04 under Linux. This should work with other OS or Java versions, but if not, the package can be recompiled in the standard way with a simple ant command.

Simply unpack the archive, then within GATE go to File->Manage Creole Plugins, press the "Add new CREOLE repository" button and select the directory you have just created.

After the plugin has been loaded this way, you should find the new processing resource "OFAI Transducer" in the "New" menu for processing resources.


This software is not supported and provided as is without any warranties, guarantees etc. whatsoever. I am also not planning to continue any work on this plugin as the current JAPE transducer has much improved and is the much better choice to add new features and improvements. You can send any notes or comments to johann[DOT]petrak(AT)ofai[DOT]at.


As an extension of the original GATE code, this is made available under the GNU General Publice License